ESP32 S3 compatibility

Did anyone tried to run SimpleFoc on the new modules/SOCs from Espressif ESP32 S3?
These boards boast * Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor that operates at up to 240 MHz

Yes, the S3 is supported by SimpleFOC.

Unfortunately this chip does not have the MCPWM peripheral that the older ESP32s have, so it is not as good at motor control. 6-PWM with dead-time insertion is not supported, but you can run 3-PWM setups using the normal PWM peripheral.

Personally I would recommend the WROVER, WROOM or PICO D4 series, also dual core 240MHz ESP32s, but having the MCPWM.

Are you sure? this is from the ESP32 S3 datasheet from Espressif:

you can also see a detailed instruction on the manual itself:

My Bad! You’re absolutely right, the S3 has MCPWM and should work with SimpleFOC in this mode. I was confused, and mixed it up with the C3, which does not.

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I have decided to go with the ESP32 first version, because S3 is not supported with the Arduino framework and not on PlatformIO. Not so convenient…

PlatformIO official ESP32 framework packages are quite far behind… have you tried with the following in your PlatformIO.ini?

platform =

The tasmota version has upgraded the PlatformIO framework to the newer ESP32 framework versions.
Looking at the release history, I think there might be support for S3. You’d have to try it out.

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Awesome. My ESP32/SimpleFOC project compiles with the above mentioned platform!

Been trying to find a way to get Arduino 2.0+ for platformIO for months (to support SimpleFOC). Been using the Arduino extension for VSCode. It’s been painful!


thanks! very helpful