Esp32 D1 R32 Programming issue

I tried to upload simple foc open loop velocity example code to ESP32 D1 R32. but i got the above error. Pl guide for further process

Hey, esp IDF 3.0.0 is not yet supported in SimpleFOC. An upcoming release will support it…

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Then Which version will be working with ESP32?


Please use the 2.0.17 version of the board package for compatibility with SimpleFOC 2.3.3.

We will release a new version in the next weeks that is compatible with 3.0.0 espressif IDF.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Ok Thanks for your reply. I will try and update you

I M trying simplefoc Balancer . That Google play app GIBALO Not found in Play store. Any other app available for bluetooth connection?

Now Gibalo has downloaded. But In that Balancer, One encoder AMT103 A & B Input has taken and another encoder B& I input Taken . may I know the reason

I was using B and I channels on one of the shields because there was no available hardware configuration for the channel A that would have worked.

So I configured the channel B on the shield as A and I as B.

Bare in mind that this is just semantics, the shied pin names are not important or used in the code. :smiley:

ok. Thanks for your support.