Dream Machine LED SineWaves

The heat from the LEDs can either be vented upwards, or if the lamp shade is opened up in the ends, and the top air_outlet is closed, then pointed down/sideways over and out.

Room for 200W PSU if top_air vent is only in one end.

This, the small version is around 75cm wide. Probably dining table lighting dimensions.

What a beauty !

This is pure white in two different tones.

Had some trouble with the high temp past, because the copper plate is cooling the process, when half of it is sticking out of the oven. One side got a bit tanned :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Iā€™m able to push the LEDs way harder with a minimum 60mm fan. Like twice the watt. These white LEDs do get warm, so Iā€™m thinking small origami house on the top for maybe two 60mm ?

I opened op the shade, since the heat was too intense. I mean the heat/light radiation downwards. I do believe if if integrated, I could cool it better.

This is running from my PC ATX PSU. There was a PCIe power-connector with 12V open.