Documentation for timer and ADC pinouts of the stm32 families

Hi everyone,

I’ve been frustrated by trying to navigate the available PWM timers and channels and different pinouts of different stm32 families and boards. They are often very much hidden in the stm32duino repository and no real docs are available that would be easy to navigate and or to read.
The same goes for the ADC pins.

So I’ve passed some time this weekend and created a python script that parses the stm32duino repo on github and extracts the Timer and ADC data and generates relatively readable site :smiley:
Here it is:

The website is automatically generated and is currently based on the stm32duino version 2.7.1.

So I hope it will help you iin finding the available pins/timers/adcs in your projects.

Of course its the first version of the site, so it might still lack some info. So if you spot some problems or have some suggestions dont hesistate to let me know. Also, feel free to contribute to the repo if you have some ideas to make it better.



@Antun_Skuric Thank you very much. This will bve very useful for forum users. I was trying to figure out pinouts for couple of STM32 boards and @Owen_Williams helped me with that.

Thanks again.