Direct Drive force feedback wheel

Does the SimpleFoc library support pwm + dir input? I plan to make a SimpleFocPower shield for the Direct Drive force feedback wheel application, now I use vesc, but want to try a cheaper one using BTN8982 or BTS7960

Welcome Adil!

At the moment, the library provides API level control, and the “commander API”, a flexible ASCII based control protocol.

It is currently designed as a library, for integration into your own project, and it is not a complete ESC firmware solution.

As such, PWM/DIR control is something you would have to implement in your project, and use the inputs from that to control SimpleFOC via the API.

If you decide to do so, we’d love to hear about it!

PS: your setup looks amazing! And very rugged… are you sure the force feedback won’t pull your arms off? :smiley:

There’s actually already implemented an interrupt-based Step Dir Listener withing the library :slight_smile:

Here’s an example: Arduino-FOC/step_dir_motor_example.ino at master · simplefoc/Arduino-FOC (