Crack down or disassembly the 2804 hubless gimble motor [Solved]

Hello everyone!
I’ve recently got motor that look like a gimble motor (seem to be same as 2804 model). However, I think it is designed to rotate in a limit range of angle, about 60 degree in my case. I wanna crack it down or disassemble it to do some machine stuff to remove the thing causing angle limitation.
Have any one disassembled it yet? I’ve tried to pull the rotor out with ball bearing puller but it seem useless.

hmm, after walking around on google, I find this post in Dji forum (Mini2 gimbal disassembly | DJI FORUM). And this is how to disassembly this kind of motor


Looks like this lip is what constrains the movement, unfortunately short of milling this off I don’t see an easy way to increase the range of motion.

yeah, that is the reason why i want to disassembly it to remove that sh*t by lathe machine