Control 4 motors with one MCU

I’m opening a new thread.

The MCU is stm32f103. I created a small development platform to test 4 x 3pwm.

This is the overall setup. Took me a while to make it but it seems a good base to build.

Everything is built out of discrete components from scratch.

Will post progress when I get the time.



Be careful with those hoverboard plastic wheels :joy:

Got only one word…CHEAP!

The most expensive part is the carbon fibre plate.


if it’s same as I have, it has smaller magnets, less coil wires, little cooling capacity.
But as long as you don’t ride this it’s ok.

I have the same where I drilled cooling holes. This is just a toy.


Do you know what model hoverboard those motors come from, or is there a web site where I can buy them individually, or are they just something you found salvaged somewhere? They look great for me, since all I need from the rotor is the iron ring and magnets.


Took me 10 minutes to open it up and take apart. Brand new. Two motors with hall sensors, battery, and charger for $80. I got two of those.


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A guy sells me defective hoverboards for 10e each, and I am never able to say no.
I have 3-4 hoverboards I suspect to have same plastic build, I need to open it to verify.
Most of the time it’s generic or rebranded, so I am not even sure you can find the same reference in another country.
Those and those for example look like plastic:
Look at this :joy:


A four-motor control almost begs for omnidirectional wheels. By 3D-printing them you would get rid of the slippery plastic wheels, too.
OTOH, a 4WD slip-control would be a good coding exercise.

Be careful how you connect two LiPo batteries. (Two BMS)
My advice: charge each block separately and decouple the outputs with dual schottky diodes

Will watch this thread with great interest…

Like this

You work fast! I’m still waiting on parts!

If the shoe fits… they seem to be for 6" wheels and the link to the rollers is missing.

There are no 6" hoverboard wheels, he must have meant 6"5.

In the video he shares a link to those wheels, he reused the rollers

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Quick update, it works!

I’ll post pics/video soon, I’m very busy.

The IFX007 drivers obviously overheat, I need to do some heatsink work and lower the PWM, but we already know that.


1.- Are you considering use another MCU?
2.- Do you have the control scheme for the motors?

No, one MCU is sufficient. I will need another MCU to handle the comms and i/o, but for motor control the goal is to use only one MCU.

Could you please explain what do you mean by control scheme?


Hardware has arrived! The holes even line up!

So far I’ve just tested the usb phy, not the motor bits, but I’m feeling relatively confident they should work.


The local scrapyard may just give them to you for free, or for a small tip…

Or I get them at flea markets - some vendors have very inflated prices, but just walk round and ask people… I find going price here in Austria for a used hoverboard without charger and without being able to test it is EUR 5 to EUR 10. At a large market you can go home with 2-3 hoverboards from one visit. So far the ones I’ve disassembled (I have a slight backlog going here) the motors have always been fine inside.

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are you developing the FOC for the motors on the ST?