Comparing Stepper and BLDC

I’m enjoying using simpleFOC to learn. Now I would like to use a stepper motor, they seem to be lower cost and more available. Before I do can someone tell me in top level terms the difference in performance compared to BLDC motors. For instance are they smoother running, faster, more current hungry, more clogging etc. Anything else of note?
thanks in advance for taking the time to reply

Stepper motors work best for high torque low-speed applications that do not require high power density. BLDC motors tend to work best at much higher speeds. Steppers are inexpensive due to their wide-scale use in CNC machines that have become popular in the maker and DIY communities. Steppers are generally smoother running but with FOC, there really isn’t much difference. Under FOC you could think of stepper motors as low Kv two-phase BLDC motors that are heavy for their performance.

Thanks for the reply, sounds like they are a better fit for me (haptic feedback project). They seem to have some great low cost planetary gearboxes available too. Amazon delivers today. Hope its back drivable.