CAN FD Support for networking nodes


This is just a reminder. When doing com integration. Think about CAN FD networking. This is a industry proven time stamped communication protocol where the bus can extend over 40m of wire. Maybe not at the fastest rate. Imagine a system where your throttle communicates over CAN FD to the motor driver, who shares the bus with, headlights, brakes, steering angle sensor and so on. Just remember to terminate the ends of the bus. Here is a lib for using a SPI interface CAN FD transceiver. This is just one in many IC that handle the interface. Unfortunately the SAMD51 does not support native CAN FD and there is no Ada support on the SAME51. It does come with high speed USB 2.0 though. The can IC would and could in many cases be a choice. Regarding wireless connected nodes in a automotive setting, I´m not so sure its safe. Especially if several nodes is close to fast mowing magnets and high current coils. The CAN network is robust in that regard.

Edit: Actually there might be SAM D5X and E5X support :

Are you a sales representative for SAMD51 ;). We all get rather attached to our MCUs, my microcontroller of choice is esp32. Runs at 240Mhz and has 2 cores with WIFI and bluetooth. So you can have your motor control running on one core and you could have a tiny webserver running on the other.

I am starting to get more into stm32s more recently, possibly because custom pcb manufacturers like jlcpcb stock the MCU and will solder it for you onto a custom board.
I’ve had my eye on the stm32g473. It runs at 170MHz and has 3 FDCANs. It even supports weird things like USB PowerDelivery.

From a jlcpcb perspective, the stm32g473 is an ‘extended part’ so labour isn’t free. The chip is $8 (or $3 for 500+) then you pay $3 labour i.e. for someone to add it to the pick and place machine.

I might sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I don’t - I’ve never made a custom board but am doing some research!

Update: the STM32F407 (slightly less powerful) is a ‘basic part’ (free labour) and is $4. This is probably good enough for me. This chip is similar to the infamous stm32 ‘black pill’ dev board which ‘should’ come with a STM32f411.

Yeah! I agree, there are many good ones. Even small M0 MCU´s is X times faster then a decade ago.

Im really just psyched about this newly support for the SAME51 by Adafruit. I think its a wise move.

120mhz is plenty fine for one axis.

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