Building a drive with the JLCPCB SMT Assembly service

Hello guys,
I’m going to build my own drive and would like to use the JLCPCB SMT Assembly service. I have noticed that some of you have experience in this area and therefore I would like to have some information before proceeding with the development. In recent years I have been making PCBs through EasyEDA and its associated boards building service. At the same time, I ordered the necessary components through LCSC and used a single shipment for the PCBs and components. Until now I have always soldered all the components myself, but this time I would like the others to do it for me :stuck_out_tongue:.
The questions are:

  1. If I use X resistors and Y capacitors (all basic parts), will I pay the assembly service only once as they are all basic components even if they are different from each other?
  2. With the Assembly service, can I still continue to use LCSC to purchase the components that I will solder, excluding those that will be soldered by JLCPCB (all in a single solution and therefore a single shipment)?
  3. If I order 5 PCBs, can I decide to populate only 2?



Hey domenico!
Sorry for a bit of delay.

These kinds of board are becoming increasingly easy to make now days and it is a perfect time to give it a go!
I’m not really the expert on this topics but i can tell you my point of view.

You pay the assembly service only once for basic components. Basically you pay the fee once and the price of components. If they belong to extended components then you pay additional fee.(20€)

For the second question I’m not really sure. But i would say that this should not be a problem. You will be the one to chose which of the components you want them to assemble and the rest they will leave. Now if you can directly and automatically buy the remaining part of components from them I’m not sure.

Not 100% sure but I think you can. And tu you can easily check this on their website. Just make a quick quote and see if they allow you to do it :smiley:

I’d be very interested to see your board once you have it! :smiley:

Hi @Antun_Skuric,
it will take a long time before I can get my drive because I am very busy at work and I can only dedicate myself to this in my spare time :sweat_smile:.
I’m not sure yet if I want to make an “external” or “on motor” drive. At the moment I am weighing the pros and cons.
Anyway, thank you very much for the information, I will try to make a simulation to better understand the management of the components.

This is from June 2020 but it may have changed since then. You must populated all boards but the boards are cheap and you can order spare boards separately. Component prices are cheapish. Extended components are $3 for each different type. Assembly is ~$0.01 per pad.
Outside components are not allowed.
There are no SMT connectors in the list.