B_G431B_ESC1 + FOC v2.2.2

Hi all,

I have been running the board with V2.2. No I wanted to update to V2.2.2.

I run an AS5600 I2C sensor.

Sensor alignment is working. I see I2C communication and serial reports that it is successful. However the issue is that when the FOC algorithm is executed, it ends up in an infinite loop (according to the debugger)

is seems to be somewhere in “getPhaseCurrents()” that it goes south. I har further narrowed it down to: _readADCVoltageLowSide

Somehow I think that maybe some inputs to this line goes wrong.
#if defined(STM32G4xx) && !defined(ARDUINO_B_G431B_ESC1)
Everything in the define is blank. So I think it is using the generic part for ADC conversion, and not the G4xx specific…

I have tried with these two buildflags:
;build_flags =

build_flags =

Any ideas?`

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