Any good high current stepper drivers?

I am looking for a high current stepper driver, more than 3A, where can I find one?

Amazon… There are tons of them on there.

I need one that is supported by SimpleFOC. Most of them are Pulse/ Dir drivers

SimpleFOC also has a step/dir interface

The step/dir listener has nothing to do with SimpleFOC and driving step motors drives with Step/dir interface. Its purposes are not the same

Hmmm, I haven’t tried it myself yet, but the whole sFOC-magic of position- or current sensors and PID settings should work.
It’s just another way of data input.

I’m not sure if its just me but I’ve found trying to control steppers (which typically have super high pole counts) using an FOC algorithm just isn’t that great. I found it quite hard to get beyond 100rpm, and went back to BLDCs.
I guess you’ve looked at SimpleFOC stepper supported hardware?

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Yeah, I also don’t think it is advisable. Using a driver like a TMC2209 is more sensible, far cheaper and tends to work better whatever you are doing, SimpleFOC is good stuff for a different purpose, nothing can or needs to do everything. I think you can get like 2.5 amps out of a TMC2209 but they have coolstep and other things that can de facto improve performance despite lower average current flow. If you put a really good heat sink on it you might get 3 amps but it would probably be more advisable to get the torque you need by using a slightly larger motor instead.