500/750w bldc lk110bl14031


I thought it best to move this subject to a new thread.

Do you think those ratings could be realistic, as a ebike front wheel (separate chain / custom fork maybe)?

It seems to have sensors installed.

Circumference of a bike wheels is about 2m. Max speed of 1500rpm - gives a top speed of 216km/h. This may suggest a 5:1 gear ratio might be useful to trade speed for torque.

Yeb :smiley:

I do think it is alot to pay for AWG20 wires… I would rather see AWG14/16 and a fatter housing.

Tjek out nr. 86


If we got the drawings, i can sketch up a mold for carbonfiber rotor with magnets glued in. There will need to be some sort of alignment with the stator on a closed bearing, perhaps two.

Then we choose magnets.

I think its best to keep the controller out of the housing on a separate cooling surface.

As seen in below image, with 12 poles, either 14 or 10 magnets give the same efficiency. 10 it is.

You know the cool part about this imaginary BLDC motor?

Put blades on it, and you have a generator. Or a gym-generator :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you guys can do controlled braking on a motor?

If so, you could make a diy fitness machine with watt counter, controlled resistance (braking) and so on.

OMG! WHO ever thought about gearing a wind turbine with a bike gearing. I think you could make a great mill with a bike wheel as blade anchor.