3D Printed Robot Arm - Acceleration / Deceleration Planner Algorithm?

Thanks for sharing, circular position control would be amazing for any kind of vehicle.

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How is the progress on next release?

@Antun_Skuric How can we use your version? Is it in a dev branch or anything?

Hey @Matt303, its in the separate branch for the moment: GitHub - simplefoc/Arduino-FOC at FEAT_velocity_feadforward

You can donwload it from there, but its not documented and there are no examples yet. Basically the only difference from the standard library is that it has motor.feed_forward_velocity variable which you can set in addition to the target value.

@Antun_Skuric do you use feedforward branch and the code posted above for the planner? What is the benefit feed forward velocity?

What is that slick GUI you’re using for tuning the parameters there? It doesn’t look like the SimpleFOCCommander I’ve seen elsewhere.

Edit: Aha, found it! Didn’t know about GitHub - simplefoc/simplefoc-webcontroller: Web controller for SimpleFOC using WebSerial at https://webcontroller.simplefoc.com/

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