135V / 200A ESC Krakatoa

As the title says.

Completely untested. Pure paper exercise for another larger project.

This is for educational purposes only.

I will release the schematics later.


PS Schematics link below


You are spitting out designs in an incredible frequency and they all look nice as well, despite their functionality!

Impressive! looks great

That’s a beast! I take it the name implies how much magic smoke is stored inside? :laughing:
At that power level, what would be the pros and cons of soldering thick wires along the board for the conducting paths, versus using the super wide PCB traces?

The bare pcb 5mm ground copper trace is for extra solder or wire to carry the current. There is another VIN bare copper on the back. Then you need screw terminals for the wires. And yes, if you smoke this, it will look like a volcano. :boom: :boom: :boom:

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Posted the project link above in the original post. The BOM is all in stock.

Five board batch costs 115, or about $23 per board before shipping / taxes / import duties

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I see people cloning the project, thank you! Hope it works out for you.

Three things.

This is a table-top exercise. It works in your head only, may not work IRL.

Secondly, I keep adjusting the design based on whatever my needs are, and tomorrow the design may be slightly different.

Lastly, this is a REALLY high powered board. At the high end (if the design really works), manufactured with correct cooling and 3oz copper and bar traces it could produce 27kW continuous output. As a comparison, a medium sized golf cart motor is 5kW and a high end golf cart motor is 10kW. You will most probably injure yourself, or worse, trying to test this at home.

Don’t do this in your garage with bare hands and no serious protective gear and equipment. Really.

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