Self-Balancing robot

This combination can work, but you may want to look at faster sensors than the AS5600. If you have two of them attached to the same MCU, it will be hard to get good control bandwidth, the 2 I2C reads will slow your loop down a lot… a SPI sensor may work better for you…

I have mixed feelings about the AS5600. It is very cheap, so is attractive if you want to reduce BOM cost. But if this is a fun/personal product then you might waste time and have inferior motor control if you use it. The AS5047 is 2 or 3 times as expensive but is faster with better resolution.

The AS5600 supports fast mode plus (1MHz), I’d try to get that working, if you do adopt it.

Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll buy and use the AS5047 as suggested. What do you think, will this motor 12N14P be good, or should I buy the GBM2804H-100T? Unfortunately, everything will only arrive in a month from China. That will be a long wait :confused:

So to be honest, I have ordered some motors that look very much like this one from AliExpress, and I found them to be terrible quality - very bad cogging, and one of them failed very quickly.
Maybe I was unlucky, or maybe the motors were already damaged or something. But personally I would not order these motors again.

I think the iFlight iPower series is much better, I have had very good experiences with these motors… in theory (although it is expensive) you can also get them with SPI encoders (AS5048A) already integrated…