Wheel platform calculation

I have some questions about building wheel platform. It classic 4wd platform with bldc. How can I calculate maximum torque (and continues) for it?

Hey, what’s your goal, and what does your system look like (how big is your 4WD vehicle)?

I would divide it into two parts:

  1. there is the BLDC motor, and it’s nominal torque. You can normally find it from the motor datasheet or “sales pamphlet”. It won’t be a realistic value, but can serve as a theoretical max. You can build a torque measurement setup with a simple arm attached to the motor, and a kitchen scale.

  2. there is the drivetrain - I’m not a mechanical engineer, but in the end it is a physics/engineering problem to describe a drivetrain including the gears, differentials, shafts and their various dimensions, and develop a formula (or estimation system) for the drivetrain’s output torque given the various input parameters.

In the end these things are (for me at least!) quite complex to do, and will always be an estimation.

I think people, when doing individual (“maker” type) projects tend to look at examples, and then proceed empirically (e.g. try it out, see what fails, and adjust).