Velocity setpoint when in angle control

Hi all,

Probably a simple question, but i couldn’t find a clear answer in the documentation. When controlling my motor in angle mode, how would i limit the velocity? I’ve tried to set “motor.velocity_limit” to different values in my main loop, but the motor always spins with the same speed as what was set in the setup function using motor.velocity_limit.


Hey @wrcman555,

You’re right.
Actually to change the velocity limit you’ll need to change both

motor.velocity_limit = new_value;
motor.P_angle.limit = new_value;

We are changing them automatically in the commander, however if you’re not using the commander, you’ll need to set both of these variables.
However this is likely to change soon, it is more of a neglected fact than a feature :smiley:

That worked. Thank you!

Hello. Is it possible to disable the hold mode after reaching a given position?
I use Google translator, it is possible that this is not happening quite correctly

Hi @nikolaewich1988,

Yes, if you call motor.disable() there will be no output to the motor.

You have to set the enable pin when configuring the driver for this to work.