Typo in ... -dev/src/common/defaults.h?

I was checking some PID default values and saw “downsmaple” at lines 34+35
Is it a typo, and should I change it there? Or will it lead to compiler errors?

// default monitor downsample
#define DEF_MON_DOWNSMAPLE 100 //!< default monitor downsample
#define DEF_MOTION_DOWNSMAPLE 0 //!< default motion downsample - disable

BTW: I have an magic eye when it comes to typos and grammar errors. It works best in German, but english is my second strongest language.
I’d gladly volunteer for proof reading the docs, if you allow me to edit it…
I hope you don’t feel offended…

I think FOCMotor.h is the only place they’re used, so it’s probably safe to change them.

And don’t worry, Antun is quite welcoming of proofreaders. I did some in the past, just making lists of typo locations. But it certainly would be more efficient with editing access. To my eye, typos are like stumbling blocks :slight_smile: I read fast until I trip over one.

To me it’s similar, but once I found a typo my brain focusses on finding more, then on the message.
It’s a gift and a curse :face_vomiting: