Suggestion to add to website + question


I found this video and maybe this is another controller that can be added to the comparison page with the odrive and so on.

Also can this functionality be added into the simpleFOC firmware?


Carelsbergh Stijn

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Hi @CarelsberghStijn ,

Thanks for mentioning it. Tinymovr is a very nice project, I’ve been watching it for a while. It doesn’t run SimpleFOC, but as you say we could add it to the comparison page…

Anti-Cogging functionality has been discussed before in the forums. I think it is a nice idea.

The problem with this kind of things is that is not necessarily simple, so on the one hand it would be nice to have more functionality, but on the other hand we don’t want to make "Simple"FOC so complicated that people can’t understand the code, and can’t use it easily.

So its a question both of time/effort (someone has to code it and test it) and of keeping the code-base simple and the functionality “pluggable”.

So if you need this quickly, I’d advise looking into adding it yourself, and we’d be very happy to look at a pull request… Or if you have time, check back with us now and then, and see how things develop :slight_smile:


I thought that this was a compensation for imperfect encoder magnet placement and not anti-cogging. There are of course a lot of functionalities that could be added to make it better but indeed the code gets longer and more complicated and it takes time.


Carelsbergh Stijn

Oh, maybe you are right!

On the other hand, would there be a difference? If I map the motor’s anisotropy, would I be able to separate the components caused by the sensor and the components caused by the cogging?

We should invite Ioannis to the forum to ask him :smiley:

[Edit] I should watch the video more carefully! The text and image near the beginning describe it

It’s definately interesting! Tinymovr is open source, so maybe we can take a look at his implementation when it is finished and ask him if he minds if we attempt to integrate it to SimpleFOC.

Yes that would be interesting, I will take a look when I have the time.