STM32H747 (Portenta) dual hall sensor instance


Just wanted to pin this idea, while working on the Portenta. Do you think we can make a pedal_hall_sensor more precise and faster by having 3 hall sensors mounted to the crank, using the SimpleFoC hall sensor instance. One on each core? The magnets should be spread out like a rotor eg. 7pp (14 magnets).

What’s the objective? To measure the speed you’re turning the front sprockets?

Yes, like a very fast Cadence sensor, which know the direction and acceleration.

Maybe two sensors is sufficient to improve the single wire cadence sensor.

Could you attach a magnetic sensor to the pinion point? Those would be plenty fast and accurate enough to give you a superbly precise picture of the sprockets motion - you could derive acceleration, etc…

Looks like cadence sensors are like bluetooth devices that attach to your pedal or shoe… of course those would need batteries and recharging every once in a while.
Is the objective to put it into the bike and not have to mess with extra devices?

Yeb, minimalistic. .