STM innovation live 7th March


Tomorrow there is a webcast from STM unveiling cool new stuff!


I missed the live event, can someone who followed the event tell me if they got a link to a recording or something? I checked the linked page and did a quick google search but couldn’t find anything like that.

I don’t think you missed out a ton. They announced the new STM32H5 MCU. M-33 up to 250Mhz. Quite powerful for Motor control. I haven’t looked further into it.

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That does sound like quite a powerful mcu for motor control yeah, I’ll also add it to my list of things to look into for sure.

I’ve already ordered the nucleo board :smiley: so you can expect SimpleFOC support for it coming up, but at the moment it isn’t even included in the Arduino STM32 platform yet, so I think we can still wait a bit before designing our first drivers with it :smiley: