Solder pads on underside

Where is some documentation on the solder pads on the underside? It says stuff like Enc A and the pads say A2, A3, 3.
I have AMT102V encoders, which pads do I solder?
also not sure if I am needing PWM but if so what do I need to solder for that?

Hey @Gratco

You are right, I still did not make a clear explanation of this.
I am actually writing the docs at the moment, they will be out in a few hours.

Solder pads give you the possibility to define which pins in hardware you would like to use with your board.

You can choose both BLDC driver pins
enable : 7 or 8
pwm A: 3 or 9
pwm B: 5 or 10
pwmC: 6 or 11 or 13

and encoder pins:
A: 3 or A2 or A3
B: 2 or A1
I (index): 4 or A0

Also you can enable pull-ups (in the case ATM 102 it is not necessary).

Now it depends on your application which pins you will use but the pads will be.

  • But in general if you are using one shield with an encoder you should connect the encoder A and B channels to the pins 2 and 3.
  • And for the PWM pins you can choose as you wish.

If you want to stack the two shields you will need to avoid using the same pwm pins and the same encoder channels.

Here is one example of the two soldered headers to be stacked on Nucleo-64 board.

So if I have to tell you one best combination to start with I would say:
pwmA: 9
pwmB: 5
pwmC: 6
enable: 8
EncA: 3
EncB: 2
EncI: A0


The docs have been update with suggested shield soldering pads combinations.

Here you’ll be able to find a bit more information how to solder the pads to enable different pinout combinations.

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