Single PWM + Direction

Hi All,

This is my first time looking at Simple FOC, i have been looking at all the examples can can’t find one for single PWM + Direction = ? is it possible and could anybody point me in the right direction.

the driver i want to use is
along with a AMS5047P encoder

thanks in advance

Hi @AndyB - welcome to simplefoc.

You’ve bought a bldc motor controller which has an mcu hidden inside it. The product docs don’t expect you to replace the firmware, but it might be possible. We don’t know what mcu it is using so it is unclear whether simplefoc can be used with it.

You could use it as a ‘black box’ (without simplefoc) with a motor that has hall sensors. It has PWM + dir.

But it sounds like you don’t want to use hall sensors, but instead want to use AMS5047P magnetic sensor. If you are lucky then you’ll 1) be able to discover what mcu is inside e.g. stm32f405 and that it is well supported by SimpleFOC 2) the programming pins (SWD or Serial) are exposed so that you can download your code onto the chip it and 3) that some of the pins exposed can be used for SPI

If that is the case then it might be possible to do what you want.