Single, dual, triple Board / Shared designs


Just want to share some of my earlier driver designs, including a single, dual, and triple channel board.

They’re all SimpleFOC compatible and tested in various projects. Design files are included in the links above.


Thanks, that’s educational. The dual-sided SMD may make them a little more expensive though.


Nice! I thought the atmega328 was too slow for most stuff? Do you have any example sketches? Otherwise people have to peer into the schematics to figure out the pinouts and stuff. Might be nice to have a few notes on the programming process, too, I’m betting it’s not too bad with Atmel chips but that stuff all adds up on you and can be a barrier.

I also wonder how the bootloader is getting put on? For DIP this is easy with some cheap programmers (TL866 etc) but adapters are expensive/ hard to find for some of these smaller packages. Plus it costs more for assembly to program first, if they offer that at all.
Serial interface is nice for programming but AFAIK these chips don’t come with any bootloader to get them there.

I would also be surprised if you can run 3x SFOC loop on this. Are the boards tested? Or is this with your own motor control software?