SimpleFOCShield power supply

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Hi Antun,

The LDO you mention is the one used to (optionally) power the MCU as described here, right?

The page says that “Version v2.0.2 of the SimpleFOCShield has 8V regulator on-board”. Does it mean that the minimum power source needs to be 8V and not 12V? In other words, can I use the SimpleFOCShield fully with only 3 lipo cells?


Hey @quentin,

The LDO is L78M08 chip and it will output 8 volts. accoring to the datasheet it will work properly from 10.5V.
If the voltage is lower than 10.5V the regulator will not be able to hold 8V regulated output. It will still output certain value but it will be less than 8V.
Since aruino-like VIN input takes from 6-12V this will still be able to work. And I can configrm that I did use it with 2S lipo (full range full and low charge). But I would not recommend to do this

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