SimpleFOCShield + Arduino Nano = Question

Hello everybody!

I want to use SimpleFOCShield with Arduino Nano. Is it possible?
If yes, can you provide me with some guidance how to do it?
Can I use not one, but two or even three SimpleFOCShield boards at once with the single Arduino Nano?

Thank you in advance!


Yes, you can do it. Basically, follow the pin numbers of the Arduino Uno to the SimpleFOC Board, and use the same connections on your Arduino Nano.

The Arduino Nano is not the most powerful microcontroller. I think you can get 2 motors running (with some optimizations), but 3 will be difficult. If you want to control multiple motors from one MCU, take a look at ESP32 or STM32 microprocessors.

But Nano is also quite cheap! So maybe you could use one Nano per SimpleFOC board, and control the Nanos from a “master node” via Serial, USB or something like that?

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:wave: Thank you for reply and solution!

I thought to save some time and just get some working solution :slight_smile:
And I also want to buy the FOC Shield to test it.
There is also new Arduino board ARDUINO NANO 33 BLE, which is much more powerful, maybe it can handle several motors?
It is more expensive, but it will be time saver and also will make assembly more durable and simple.

BTW, do you have a link for some project, where several boards communicate in some way?

Hey, the Nano 33 BLE has a nRF52840 MCU. I think it has not been tested – it’s on my list but I have not got to it yet… from the datasheet, this chip could be quite good for motor control, but it is currently not supported by SimpleFOC directly, and it is doubtful that it will work well with default Arduino PWM code.

Take a look at the Nano 33 IoT. This has the same form-factor, but uses a SAMD21 MCU which is supported in SimpleFOC. I can help you with the pinouts if you decide to go for that board.