SimpleFOC bazel configuration

I have just published a repo with SimpleFOC configured for bazel. It doesn’t require Arduino IDE and all dependencies are fetched automatically, the only pre-requisite is avr-gcc (and bazel, obviously) installed locally. If you haven’t used bazel before - it’s a very powerful build system from google. Quite intimidating at the beginning, but extremely flexible. Maybe there is someone who will find this useful. In the future this repo will likely grow into firmware/software for my robot. I’ll add some targets/scripts for uploading the firmware, but it will become setup specific quickly.
There’s also dependency based cross-compiling for two platforms (avr and odroid) and deployment using rsync.
Next step - flashing microcontrollers from odroid.


The working link for your repo seems to be

Yes, of course. Thanks for posting a correct link.