Simple FOC shield availability

I’m not sure if this question is appropriate for this topic, … but I’d like to know if the Simple FOC shield will be available any soon at your store.

Thanks in advance for your response and congratulations for this amazing project :slight_smile:

Hey Jorge,

The boards are on their way from China :slight_smile:
I’ve had to reorder the boards due to an error that has appeared in the previous version so that is the biggest reason why they are so long unavailable.

The new boards will arrive on Monday so all the orders will be shipped early next week :smiley:

Also a new version of the shield with current sensing is on its way as well. Im doing a second round of tests and it is looking good :smiley:
Here is the git repo:


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Hi Antun,

Thanks a lot for you quick answer. If there is a new version with more functionality maybe I prefer to wait a little bit more in order to obtain extra functionality offered by v1.3.3 shield. … Meanwhile i ordered a breakout board with L298N that is supposed to arrive the next week to start playing :slight_smile: