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In situations where the motor can’t be moved for its initial homing, is there a way to pre align it with either a commutation encoder or an absolute one? Is this possible currently or how would you achieve this?

Hey @Roiki,

I am starting to think that this question is really not well documented since we are seeing a lot of questions about it. I’ll make sure to document it much better for the future. Here is current docs link:

Basically you will be able to do it with magnetic sensors out of the box (since they all have absolute measurement). Encoders will not be able to do it. Absolute optical encoders are not supported till this moment, we did not have many requests for them so far.

To find the alignment offset and sensor natural direction you can just run the find_sensor_offset_and_direction.ino example and copy the output values to the function.


I see. I think you could add a section about it in this section: since it doesn’t explicitly mention it. I inferred that it’s possible but wasn’t really sure.

But that example clears it up.