Run Simple FOC on STM32F401

Hey everyone, I plan to use another board to run Simple FOC. I have a genericSTM32F401CC board, which is downloaded via serial, but when I pass the SPI sensor, sensor.rawAngle() always remains at 0.96.
Does this need to be configured for F401,
Because I can run normally on Nucleo F446RE before

My Simple FOC library version is 1.3.0

The way stm32duino and SPI typically works is that the board variant (PeripheralPins.c is setup with quite a few options for miso, mosi, sclk. If you don’t give it a helpng hand, it’ll pick some pins that may not match the ones you are using. I’d either explicitly set the pins e.g using SPI.setMISO(XX) where XX is your pin name e.g PA6.
Or you can override peripheral pins const (they are declared WEAK), removing all the wrong pins so that it can only chose the correct pins.
It’s hard to know which variant/board you have chosen. It might be this one:

If so - then the following looks like a sensible choice
Mosi PA7
Miso PA6
Sclk PA5
Ss. PA4
I don’t know if these are all broken out as pins or on your board.

thank you for your reply