Regarding Hall`s Encoder interface


So I had to kill my darling. Unfortunately there is no room for the CAN choke! :confused:

Why 3.3K?

Some motors has 6 contacts on the 2mm jack. Do anyone know what temp sensor is commonly used. is there a industry standard?

Edith: 100K NTC

Is that 100K to GND?

There’s all kinds of temperature sensors… are you trying to sense on-PCB temperatures or off-board? What temperature levels do you need to sense? Up to 125°C or thereabouts you’ll find chips and sensors, beyond that is the domain of thermocouples (or IR-based contactless).

I quite like this one: AT30TS74
It works via I2C and has an interrupt line, so you can set it up to alert on some threshold and don’t need to poll it. And its available in a teensy tiny 1mm x 0,5mm WLCSP package, so it fits anywhere on your PCB.

The DS18B20 is a commonly used 1-wire bus sensor available as a probe, both water-proof and not.

And there’s all kinds of thermocouples and drivers for them, but I really think a pre-calibrated solution with a digital interface makes things much much easier…

Right… No shorts …

Im gonna put a optional resistor to ground. If its only connected to A0 it will not conduct, or will it …


Edit: With the 6 pin connector, you basically have a full sercom port, and could do like a SPI interface.

These ones are NTC resistors on the PCB, for monitoring power transistors, and CTP resistors in the stator winding.

Encoder interface Pull-up to 3V3

If you look here : VESC 6 has a 10k pullup and a 100nF CAP on the temp pin. Do you think there is a 10k thermistor in the motor. What if it get´s 5V like the hall sensors? Can you still pull it to 3.3V? In the linked schematics its not easy to read what is meant by switch VCC and 5+

See here :

You can use any 10k @ 25 degree C NTC you want

Edit: Right, so it must be internally connected to GND. 10k to VCC forms the voltage divider, gotcha

Would you put a cap on the internal thermistor sense pin?

Ok, I had to do a complete rework of the connector. The 6 pin connector w. temperature probe used on some moderately priced outrunners use a 1.5mm pitch connector JST-ZH version. Since I know this is the type of motor to work with, there is no reason to mess around with 2mm pitch headers. Had to sacrifice a input capacitor to make room for the thermistor and the voltage divider. The idea is to use axial capacitors as input capacitors when needed. The advantage of having only ceramic cap´s on the board, is the possibility to easily change input cap´s when they have lived out their rated lifetime.