Redesign to maximum 10A

I am planning to redesign this to 10A maximum current . Any one have any suggestions? For that What should i do first?

Kindly, can you share your design than we might be able to support you? Thanks

Thank you for your reply, Actually I want the simple foc shield having 10A. Current shield is only support maximum up to 5A, actually I need maximum current of 10A. What kind of changes I have to do for that?

You can’t just remove the power drive/switch IC and replace it with any other IC, you will have to design a new PCB, which will contain the power driver IC and Mosfet, for 10 A you have to check their datasheet.

Currently, there is a shortage of IC, will be difficult to find those MOSFETs and power driver IC. If you are really urgent for a project a require 10 A circuit, just buy the DRV8302 dev Kit it can handle 10A continuous current and simple FOC works great on it.

I hope this helped you.