Questions about the license

I notice SimpleFOC was found with the MIT license. So could I produce the SimpleFOC shields and sell them on the internet?

@Antun_Skuric is the person to answer this as he builds them. If it was my baby I’d want 3rd party boards to use a different product name so there is no support confusion.

Yes, no problem! I am not even sure that you will be the first one. :slight_smile:

The license is there to let you know that this is an open-source project and all that we do here is intended to enable people to easily use this really cool technology in their projects. And since these boards are changing all the time and they are evolving with the project it might happen that some of the releases have some defects that we do not know about and the license just says that before doing whatever you wish to do with the boards, you should check for those kinds of things yourself as well, because we will not be held accountable for them. :smiley:

Honestly I do not have a problem of it holding the same name, I would even prefer the name to stay the same. But it is up to you really.

All that I want really is that they are easily accessible to anyone that would need one and that is really the reason why am I selling them. And why they are so affordable :smiley:

So to answer your question briefly, yes feel free to do it.

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The creators of Odrive are intentionally not releasing the source for ODrive v3.5 and newer in order to avoid being out-competed by cheap clones of their own product.
I don’t want to see the same thing happen.
There is no doubt that SimpleFOC will be more and more popular and influential.
Thanks again!

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Odrive has a really great product, their boars are not far from industry standard drivers and they cost a lot to produce and develop. The SimpleFOCShield boards are neither of the two.
Shields have been created because there is just not such a thing at the moment, this will not stay that way too long I hope.

So when it comes to the selling them, I am happy to know that people are interested in selling one of my designs, but I am sure there will be many more that emerge soon. :smiley:

And also, I would be happy to see that people can access these (or some similar) boards easily. At the moment shields can only be ordered from or be fabricated, which is incudes a degree of complexity.

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