PWM waveforms from microcontroller

One of the pwm output captured from the micro

It is running FOC algorithm. I don’t know how to debug but does it look a sine wave?
Major issues observed

  1. The Bus voltage drops immediately and i am not able to continue testing long time as the MOSFET gets heated? How to debug so that i can test for some time and find the issues?
  2. I can see phase current only in one phase using current clamp.
    I planned to do step by step testing any advice? I am running in open loop not the simple foc program.

The voltage won’t look like a sine wave, only the current. The voltage gets smoothed out by the inductance of the motor coils.

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Ok thank you one phase current i captured using clamp meter, the others are not proper.

There are a thousand things that could be going on here, but there must be current on at least two terminals, the current can’t be flowing in only one terminal.

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I have done the testing again motor does not run, i am sending the phase currents Ia, Ib, Ic over CAN every 10ms. I have archived the data in the below link
Any suggestions on what can i do to run the motor? i need some help.

Happy to say I have run motor for few turns but still lot of questions. Thank you for supporting, but still clarifications required I will ask them.