Portenta Timer for 6PWM

It seams the 6PWM code for the STM32G can be reused for the Portenta.

STM32 cross-series timer overview - Application note

Portenta Advanced PWM timers for Motor control is on TIM1 and TIM8

PH13, PH14, PH15 corresponds to TIM8_CH1N, TIM8_CH2N, TIM8_CH3N
and PI5, PI6, PI7 to TIM8_CH1, TIM8_CH2, TIM8_CH3 (in that order) These pins are available on the 80 pin connectors on the botom of the Portenta and should work for 6PWM pin control with dead_time insertion.

Note: GPIO 2 and 3 respectively PD4 and PD5 can be use for CANFD instead of PH13 on TIM8.

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