PID parameters based on blue pill are different from those based on Arduino

Hi, everyone!

I tried to run SimpleFOC closed-loop speed control with Arduino UNO and blue pill respectively. But I found that they used the same PID parameters but got very different results. I put the PID parameters that work well on the Arduino into the blue pill, but the response of the motor is very slow. Unless I increase the PID parameters, the response of the motor can be close to that of the Arduino.

I am very confused about this. I want to know if anyone has encountered this.

Hey @Cc1924,

Given that you’re using the same motor, sensor and driver, but a different MCU, the difference can be explain because the loop runs much faster on the blue pill than the UNO. This makes the discrete controller (PI velocity loop and P position loop) frequency different and this results in different parameters to obtain a similar response.

Hi, @David_Gonzalez thanks for your quick reply

The equipment I use is no different except for the mcu. Hearing you say that, it looks normal.

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