Off Topic - Nucleo help with Serial

Sorry for the slightly off-topic post. I have a STM32 Nucleo Board (F446RE), which I had to break off the ST-Link to get it to fit in my small case. I am using the SimpleFOCShield 2.0.4 shield with it.

I have pins 2-5 connected on the ST-Link back to the Nucleo board per this post: How to reconnect nucleo to st-link part? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

It works well for flashing the board. However, I lost serial connection.

Pins 2-5 are set up. I think Pin 6 on the ST Link and TX/RX are my issue for missing link to serial coms via the USB connection?

It doesnt seem that the serial is exposed on that breakaway board?

1 VDD_TARGET VDD from application
2 SWCLK SWD clock
3 GND ground
4 SWDIO SWD data input/output
5 NRST RESET of target STM32
6 SWO Reserved 

it’s possible the serial traces are routed through the break-away part.
If you still need a serial stream you can use something like the RTT lib that was linked on this forum before - this works over the SWD connection

2nd picture fom the stack exchange post shows connections for Rx and Tx.

RX and TX require connecting the bridges SB62 and SB63 under the nucleo board, this allows to use the virtual comm port of the stlink.

So you would only need pin 1-4 and the two pins under it
Did you connect the solder bridges?

No, I didnt solder the bridge. I will try that. Thanks.