No microcontrollers available at all. What uC are you using?

Because of the STM32 supply shortage, I am considering the lpc54114.
It has a dual core M4 + M0

I would like to work with 6 PWM mode.

What do you guys think?

Stick to STM32. The shortage is very selective (high end lines), but for the low end lines there is no real shortage, just a lot more expensive. You don’t need an H7 line, a low end G03 would be fully sufficient. Also, the Chinese knockoffs work perfectly fine, too.

What exact STM32 MCU you are looking for in order to conclude there is a shortage?


I need Cortex M4 with more than 120MHz (I used to work with the STM32F446)
I looked at Octopart and Digikey and couldn’t find any available STM32. Only a few…
What site did you take this screenshot from?
Who stocks these models?


JLCPCB sourcing from LCSC, and STM32F446 is in stock at $10.72

This is the latest inventory at JLC/LCSC as of today, for M4 and higher MCUs with over 100 chips available for SMD.

Thank you for the information, I am looking for a small footprint STM32, something like UFQFPN32…
(max 5X5 mm)

Thats like looking for a unicorn. Dont know any. Even before the shortage those were not readily available. Search for any G4xx .

Yes I am working with the G431KB.
It is not stocked anywhere

Have you looked at the L series? Those seem to be generally more available, and the more powerful L4 seem pretty nice?

The L series are very low frequency due to being ultra-low power chips. The highest I’ve seen is 80MHz. Same performance as the basic F103, if not worse. Everything else is barely 32MHz. Another problem with the L series, no dedicated timers for motor control, so only 3PWM is reliable.

I have to disagree on that point at least… I was just trying out SimpleFOC on an STM32L433 - its a 80MHz M4 core, and it has TIM1, an advanced control timer with 6 channels, 4 of which have dead time insertion circuitry… a bunch of the L-Series have a TIM1…

I’ll do a bit more detailed testing to comment on the iteration speed in closed loop… you could well be right about the performance, although the CoreMark values they state for these MCUs aren’t so terrible…

Interesting, thank you. I was not aware some higher ones had the timers. I’ve dealt only with the lower ones. Only vaguely remember trying back in time and had issues. Thanks for pointing this out.