New Sparkfun Esp32 SimpleFOC driver/ kit

That’s incredibly overpriced, it should be like $15, for what it does. Also that product is not a great idea in general, making a motor driver is not that easy even if you have the hardware in front of you. Making one that actually uses the wifi and bluetooth or whatever in any practical way while also driving the motor properly is a lot harder still. The logical thing for these guys to do is contribute to the next generation simplefoc board and then help spruce up the code base so all the features work, and sell that at a much more reasonable price.


Yeah, I won’t be rushing to get one personally. It’ll be interesting to see if they sell. They do have a Qwiic so you’re not limited to wireless.

It would have been more interesting to me if they had done it with the Micromod so you could swap in a RP2040 or STMxx or FPGA or whatever.

The PCB design is here GitHub - sparkfun/SparkFun_IoT_Brushless_Motor_Driver: The hardware repository for an IoT motor driver development board using the ESP32

It seems, you can only use gimbal motors with the same mounting hole pattern :frowning:
At least they could’ve added a few more hole patterns and solder pads for the motor wires or a 100mil (2.54mm) three pin header. Even a three-way screw-terminal woul’ve been better.

The TMC6300 is quite low power, you can’t drive any big motors (10V 1.5A RMS), so sticking with the tiny JST-SH connector should be fine. You can terminate your own motor if you really need.
Actually, the motor they use here is one of the lowest cogging motors available on the market. I think it seems pretty clear that this is intended to be used as a development board for the SmartKnob project as the hardware is near identical: GitHub - scottbez1/smartknob: Haptic input knob with software-defined endstops and virtual detents

However, the size is quite large for what it is, but for a dev kit, who cares I guess. The price is way too high like already noted, though.

Yeah but those motors are not in production any more, there is just a bunch of them kicking around so the supply is totally unreliable.

Sparkfun and @Karl_Makes_Music both have contracts with the OEM and have been sourcing new motors for months now…


Yepp. I confirm that.
I’m sourcing them from OEM. They are in constant production according to OnceTop reps.


ok nice, I guess they tracked down the supplier and got things rolling again or something.

Karl, how much do those motors cost? I could use them in my fan, I got some of them but could never get more.

About 15 USD ex work, post ship, post tax at 500MOQ

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ok, so about the same as I’m paying for the JDpower 3505C then, thanks for the info. The motors are very similar, I will keep it in mind as a backup plan.

I agree i think JDP are 2nd best with MAD2804 coming 3rd.
Only issue with JDP and MAD are that they have marginal cogging making them not usable for attractor angles below 3deg. If we talk about tactile feedback. Other than that they seem to be excellent.

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