Nevermind: DIY Nucleo Tray

Edit: Read below for advice that this might not be a good idea.

Someone suggested cutting-up the package that the nucleo comes in, to make a tray to protect it from contacting random stuff on the desk. Seems legit.

Just thought I’d share.

Rubbing all that plastic against the synthetic desk is the best way to build up a few kV static charge and kill it, too. They were trolling you.

Really? That’s disappointing. I was feeling all crafty.
Nonetheless, pretty sure it wasn’t an intentional troll.

May be. But avoid plastic unless antistatic, and use grounded gloves, ive killed a few boards this way. they just go out silently. One day they stop working for no reason.

I usually cut the fingertips off to improve handling and attach a grounded wristwire to them.

I wear a wrist strap. Is that not enough?

More than enough. But i work in a very dry climate, so I try to overdo it. Wriststrap is fully sufficient.

Cool. Thanks for the tip.
I just went looking for ESD gloves online, and found many. Couldn’t hurt to have a pair, as an option.

Never heard of them until just now.
I guess I thought that Andreas Spiess just didn’t want to show his hands on YouTube. :grinning:

Who’s Andreas Spiess?

Edit: Never mind, it’s some youtube guy. Ignore my question.