Need to build robot by using "hack hoverboard controller"

Dear sir,


Can you kindly help me to optimal use your code, please.

I need to build round robot with hoverboard motors/drivers by hacking main board of hoverboard.

I need to configure code to control by:

  • PWM and direction for each wheel separately,
  • Control by UART

The main requirement make the robot run these sequences (by Arduino):

  • Forward (in straight-line). (i.e. two wheel synchronized)
  • Backward (in straight-line). (i.e. two wheel synchronized)
  • Rotate around itself ( i.e. two motors with same speed but with different direction).
  • Robot take angle in movement (say 30, or 45, … ) (i.e. one motor high speed than other with certain ratio)
  • Break.

My application is indoor, so, I need robot work in very very low-speed.

Any help please to make that by using online compiler (at: hoverboard online compiler:-) )
so I need to make configuration of the driver
and need to know the pseudo code to control driver by Arduino.

By the way, I have gyro to find and save direction of movement specially in Forward and Backward to synchronize the two motors.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards