Motorized brushcutter

How lame you might think…
I made an adapter for a 10" hoverboard motor to convert my telescope hedge trimmer into a brushcutter. The motor is driven left/right by a centered potmeter. I have to add a few 3D printed things, but thought I’d share a first pic.
Made posible by EFeru hoverboard hack and simpleFOC :+1:


Very nice gadget !!! :slight_smile:

I love it! Will it be autonomous? :smiley:

No, I have to walk behind it and guide it in the right directions. There is too much slip on the wheel to work reliable with predefined angles.
At least it will safe my lower back from pain.
I also have a conventional 2-stroke motorized brush cutter, but the fast swinging motion kills me everytime. Now I have a bigger working area but it swings much slower. Win_Win for my backspline.

I was just kidding. really! This device driving round by itself would lead to disaster :smiley:

But I love it as it is, you’ve made something practical and useful using SimpleFOC, that’s so great!