Motor positionning

I nedd to developp a positionning system with controlled acceleration / decelration ramp.

Is that somme help using SimpleFoc library ?

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Yes. Please check this thread.


Thank you for your fast response.
Very interesting !
I will have a lock for suer !


Hello Valentine,
regarding the lonks you provide me about trapezoidal profile…

This is very interesting, but a bit too complex for me… but I have to deal with!
I look about the arduino example: acceleration planner.
I have several questions.
I see the method calc_step_pos_at_arbitrary_time calculate variables:
Y_ , Yd_, Ydd_

What does these variable mean ?

Many thanks for your help


I understand by monitoring values
Y_ is the distance for the target
Y_d is the speed
Y_dd is the acceleration / decelaration.

Is that true ?