Minimal (and AVAILABLE) hardware to get started?

My goal is to get running with SimpleFOC ASAP and at lowest cost/effort. Just to learn the basics.

I already own a few small 24xx size quadcopter drone motors, Nucleo boards and a few Unos.

If I want to run the motor with current and position feedback and make a simple back drivble robot joint. Is this the best way given the above goals

  1. use L298N driver boards (I guess I’d need one and a half of these)
  2. optical encoder, I just happen to have one of these 600p/rev encoder. Is 600 pulses enough or is more better?
  3. How best to measure current? Use some 0.1 Ohm resisters and the A/D pins on the microcontroller?

I have some longer terms goals but for now I need to be "up and running"with minimal effort and low-power is good enough, hopefully using parts that Amazon Prime can one-day ship.

Skip the current sensing part - you can always add it later.
Any 3x H-Bridges will do so 1.5x L298 will do (but will perform badly - consider other cheap options)
I think you can make any encoder work with simpleFoc with more or less effort - others will give you a better answer

consider other cheap options

Any pointers? I’m wanting to use what I can get quickly without 6 week shipping from China.

I ordered a clone simplefocshield from the makerbase store on AliExpress late last week and allegedly it’s already in the UK. One of mine let out the magic smoke last week! So order delivery times might be favourable at the moment.

That all depends on your usecase, and your motors.
You should be able to calculate the motor theoretical consumption with the help of ohm’s law and by measuring phase resistance.

Another thing to consider is weather you are going to push some forces with the motor and if the motor might go in reverse due to external forces - these are the cases where your motor drivers might receive some nasty current back from the motor.

Other cheap options: I have tested some that I wouldn’t recommend, but looking quickly at Aliexpress I can see this one that seems to fit the description of a driver that would work with simpleFoc - not tested. Look through the community forum, someone might have found and tested something

B-g431-esc1 are also back in stock at several supplies…

As said, skip current sensing. Most projects do not need this and I don’t advice using it when first starting with SimpleFOC. t=The L298 will work, just be careful with heat. That encoder will also work, just make sure to add pull-ups because it’s an open collector sensor.