"MCPWM and SPIFFS" core panic'ed issue

Hi everyone,

I started a new project to kill time during summer break. I am currently using esp32-s3 with a custom board which use low side current sensing. I decided to use the spliff library to facilitate the wifi operations in the project. Sadly there is a issue between the spliff and interrupts. When an interrupt occured during the spliff operations I get this error:

“Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic’ed (Cache disabled but cached memory region accessed).”

As you know, esp32’s low side current sensing is constantly interrupted. I found solutions for interrupts in main file, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution for mcpwm interrupt. If someone who has used spliff with the simplefoc library before can help, I would appreciate it.


Do you have the applications separated between the two cores?
I think you will not be able to run both wifi and motor control on the same core, they are both very cpu intensive tasks.

Yeah currently, I am using core 0 for the wifi task and core 1 for the motor tasks. There are several least important tasks running in each core but I believe they should be fine.