Maximum speed angle control

Hello. I want to thank you again for such a wonderful library.
I’m still getting to know her :).
Since I don’t own a current sensor yet, in angle mode I tried to limit the maximum current using the voltage limit string. It worked, but I also got a maximum RPM limit. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
When the voltage limit is 5, then I get high revolutions to achieve the goal, while the current consumption is not high. But when I try to stop the motor, the current starts to rise beyond my power supply. That’s why I found a suitable value for myself voltage limit =2. But the engine at the same time began to rotate very slowly.
My question is, can I limit the voltage limit and still not lose the maximum speed?

Hi @nikolaewich1988,

I see your problem… unfortunately, no - if you run the motor with a more limited voltage, you are at the same time limiting the torque and the maximum speed.

What you seek is only possible with current control modes. Then you can limit the current while remaining at a higher voltage.

At the moment, this requires current sensing, but I hear we may have some improvements in this regard in the pipeline… stay tuned for upcoming releases :slight_smile:

The voltage limit could be linearly interpolated between 2 and 5 - between 0 and expected speed.
But I haven’t looked if simpleFOC supports dynamic limit setting.