Many thanks to the developers and community!

So my direct drive turtable is up and running thanks to SimpleFOC and this community. Still have to add some button controls but the beast is rolling!


Is this direct-drive? Or is the motor coupled with belts?
It sounds great! Did you also design the tonearm?

Hey thanks. Uber-direct, platter sits on motor. The whole turntable and arm are my design. Good fun.:grin:

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Amazing work @jazzboy !

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Thanks David, much appreciated. Very fun project!

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Amazing! Love the look, and it sounds great even via YouTube, must be amazing in situ!

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Wow, thank you very much. It was an accident as the motor was for the 3d printed Lil Pucker but with 22 poles produced too many vibrations at a higher frequency. So, at a lower speed, less vibes were had and i figured why not try direct drive.

BTW all the help from you guys is huge. Buttons will be added.:grin: