M365 motor/A2212 trembling with IR2103 driver

Trying to get work a M365 motor with a Aliexpress IR2103 based driver PCB and an Arduino UNO. The Hall sensor is working normaly but the motor just trembling. Tried multiple pole pair settings, 15 is the valid number?
Tried with a A2212 motor, that is running but very weak and trembling when rotating.
Possible power limit issue?

Hello @Robert_Juhasz

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The information you provide is insufficient to get help. Please consider providing

  1. Link to the exact board / pictures / schematics
  2. Exact motor / pictures
  3. Power supply
  4. Source code you used to drive the motor
  5. Pictures or video of the complete setup.

Again thank you and welcome to the board.


I think found the problem:
The Arduino UNO dont have enough resource to handle both the PWM and the Hall sensor software interrupts, and the code reading wrong initial values. In open loop mode can working perfectly.