L6324 broken when power supply is 24V

Why my board L6324 broken when power supply is 24V?

Hi @fanxu, welcome to the forum!

It is a bit difficult to give an exact answer because I do not know your exact setup. It is possible that your power supply or the voltage that is supplied to the motor is too high. It is recommended to start with a low motor voltage. After you fine tune your settings and if you are more comfortable with the heat, you can increase your voltage.

You can read more here: Drivers | Arduino-FOC (simplefoc.com)



@fanxu - driving anything much lower than a 10ohm gimbal motor will likely melt your L6234 unless you provide voltage limit in code.

Some motors have winding resistance of less than 0.1 ohm so you could have been trying to feed it 100+amps. The L6234 can only do a few amps and needs cooling to achieve that.

What motor were you using? Was this a simplefoc board?

thank you,the motor winding resistance is less than 0.1ohm.

thank for your suggests.